Double Murder Down the Road...

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Double Murder Down the Road...

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Yeah, lovely livin' in da' hood. Here is another Choir Boy that beat two neighbors to death with a baseball bat. I told the wife 5 years ago to move outta da' hood, but no, she loves the charm...

Demorats best ban dem' damn baseball bats! Defund the Pooooooooooolice...


Now the wife wants to get her concealed carry. She is more likely to shoot me than a choir boy. :o
Ah that's one thing about our Flame, doesn't play any favorites! Flame hates everybody!

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Post by Tenzing_Norgay »

2 men killed, woman injured in baseball bat attack at Windermere home, police say

Ezekiel Emanuel Hopkins faces 2 counts of murder, aggravated battery charge

Daniel Dahm, Digital Content Manager

Published: July 31, 2020, 7:27 am
Updated: July 31, 2020, 3:09 pm

WINDERMERE, Fla. – Two men were beaten to death and a woman was seriously injured late Thursday during an attack at a home in a gated Windermere community while a 10-year-old boy called authorities while hiding in a bathroom, police said.

The double homicide happened at a home in the 2900 block of Sunbittern Court in the Lake Crescent Reserve community, which is just south of Lake Crescent and north of Park Avenue and Lake Butler Boulevard.

Windermere police said Ezekiel Emanuel Hopkins pushed the community’s gate open with his car then tried to steal a car from the home when he was confronted by the homeowners, John and Lisa Savey.

“We do know that in a video that we saw right here from the front entrance here that he came down the road on a high rate of speed turned into this entrance and pushed the gate open turned his lights off,” Chief David Ogden told News 6.

Police said Hopkins attacked Savey and beat him to death with a baseball bat outside the home. Hopkins then went inside the home, where he beat Lisa Savey and her son, James Savey, who was killed, according to police.

Lisa Savey was taken to a hospital with serious injuries, police said.

“Words can’t really describe what we wanna say to this family our hearts and our prayers certainly go out to them,” Ogden added.

According to police, the boy, who lives at the home with his grandparents, called 911 to report a home burglary. The Winter Garden police dispatcher kept the boy on the phone while the child hid in a bathroom.

Officers from the Windermere Police Department, the Ocoee Police Department, Oakland Police Department and deputies from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office went to the home, where Hopkins was found in another bathroom, officials said. Hopkins was arrested but taken to Health Central because it appears he drank some bleach and was not responsive, police said.

According to officials, Ocoee Police noticed Hopkins’ car early in the night and thought it was suspicious but later disregarded.

Officers told News 6 that the boy was not physically injured and is doing well.

“Just amazing this brave young man and the dispatcher did a phenomenal job,” Ogden said.

Hopkins faces two counts of murder and a charge of aggravated battery.

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Post by Big_mike »

Damn it man, I grew up a a couple of blocks from there, my pops still lives in the neighborhood.

This is not the type of place you expect this to happen, especially that neighborhood.

More reason to stay strapped, even at home.

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sad but they should have just called 911 or at least been armed !
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I would really love to see the blood test results for Ezekiel.

I bet he was on all sorts of shit that people want to make legal.

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