Mask lawsuits starting up.

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Mask lawsuits starting up.

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Well you knew it was going to happen, these suits once they really get under way will be bigger than hernia mesh, asbestos and the boyscout lawsuits combined. They have been proven to go against standing OHSA standards and have been proven medically damaging to folks who wear them too long. I can't wait to see the look on all the Karens faces. :) ... -ordinance

State Rep Files Lawsuit Over Hillsborough's Mask Ordinance
By Jason Lanning Hillsborough County
PUBLISHED 5:14 AM ET Jun. 29, 2020 UPDATED 10:16 AM ET Jun. 29, 2020

State Representative Anthony Sabatini filed a lawsuit against the county after the Emergency Policy Group passed the ordinance last week. The mandate requires any residents to wear masks while indoors in public spaces if they cannot stay six feet apart from others.

Sabatini said local mask ordinances are a violation of civil liberties, specifically due process, privacy laws and equal protection.

"There was probably a question for the first two weeks we were in a true emergency when it came to covid. And then it just became health mitigation which we should always be doing," Sabatini told the Tampa Bay Young Republicans over the weekend. "So they are using a status of an emergency to jam down new rules and laws that have no bearing on our health or safety."

Opinions have become divided in recent weeks over the use of masks and whether they do anything to protect people from contracting or spreading Coronavirus.

Some have argued masks can increase health risks for people, especially those with breathing difficulties.

Hillsborough County and the Emergency Policy group have been silent about the lawsuit since it was filed last week. County Commissioner Les Miller, a proponent of masks, has said publicly the EPG did nothing wrong in implementing the mask ordinance.

Representative Sabatini will hold a press conference outside the Hillsborough County Courthouse Monday at 11:30 a.m. to officially announce the lawsuit.

Another lawyer chimes in.

Article from 2016 that explains in detail why masks don't work. ... ng-review/

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I took the sleeves off of a $5.00 Walmart camo shirt and I carry one in my van for when I absolutely HAVE to have a mask.

I can breathe normally through it and no one gives me a second glance even though a Tee shirt sleeve is like putting chain link fencing over windows to keep mosquitoes out.

Those give away blue ones start choking me after about 1.5 minutes

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We don't need masks the media freaky people out.
Everybody's got plans... until they get hit.

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That's not stopping stupid politicians from enacting mask requirements.

ABC news reporting the truth with the morning cast of clowns, who would have thought.

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Every law violates somebody's civil liberties....

If complaining about wearing a mask is the best possible use of your time, then you've got far too much time on your hands and you're probably not worth talking to.

When I finished pumping my gas yesterday, I turned my back and walked away from the idiot who was ranting at me about CoVid19 and masks. As I drove off, he was just starting to rant at a black dude about the BLM movement. I suspect he kept it up until someone beat his ass, but I wasn't curious enough to wait around just to see it happen.

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