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The Taurus Judge mag 3x3

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The Taurus Judge mag 3x3

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Took the beast out and I mean beast .45 colt and .410 defensive ammo, unbelievable what damage the PDX1' defender, and all the offered defensive ammo we fired does to the center mass of a paper target at 5-7-10 yards, can't imagine what it'll do to human tissue, muscle and bone, recently acquired what are called barrel inserts to make the weapon even more versatile, basically they are tubes that hold various calibers such as .17 HMR, 22 LR, 22 MAG, etc. etc. many more calibers available, they just fit into the cylinder as a regular round does. U just fire the round and expell the empty case, fun handgun to shoot, it is definitely an upclose and personal defensive weapon, not made for your fathers old .410 # 7 shot. My only regret is not buying the Smith and Wesson offering, I would have liked to have had it in .45 ACP round which the Taurus does not have, but then again the Judge has. 3" inch cylinder and the Smith is only offered 2.5, three inch is quite a difference when it comes to firing this handgun....wrist is alittle sore today after a moderate session ...

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Neat stuff.

A Judge Snub (public defender?) has been on my wish list for awhile.

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