Commodities For Dummies

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Commodities For Dummies

Post by Tenzing_Norgay »

How do you explain commodities to an idiot?

Back story: A friend agreed to do a job for me. The job was worth about $200 ~ $250. He's a fellow shooter and I asked if he wanted to be paid in ammo. He agreed and I told him I'd give up 1000 rds. of 9mm as payment (this was 6 months ago when it was still cheap).

After dragging his feet for awhile, he finally completed the job. Yesterday, I gave him the 1000 rds. as agreed and while handing it over I (jokingly) told him that 9mm is worth a lot more today then when we made this deal. "I hope you're going to give me some change!" I said. We both laughed at that. He left with the ammo and all was good.

Today, he texts me a link to an online vendor (Target Sports) showing 9mm @ .18/rd. "WTF"? he texted.

I told him that was an old price and that ammo is sold out. If you can't buy it @ that price, it ISN'T that price. They don't update their website if something isn't in stock. I sorted by price and checked the "In Stock" box which left only four choices @ .80/rd.

He still doesn't get it. He thinks I took advantage of him because 9mm is still only .18/rd. :roll:

I give up. Hopefully I'll catch the crud and die before I have to see him again...

P.S. - If anyone has gold @ $700/oz., I'm buying.

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Post by knite7 »

The hardest thing to explain is "going short". My simple explanation was you SELL something you don't own to somebody who doesn't want it and than buy it back from somebody who doesn't own it. This usually ends the conversation and they leave me in peace.
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