Moving a safe

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Moving a safe

Post by Ger42 »

I am selling my 40" X 72" X 30" fire rated safe weighs close to 1,000 lbs a neighbor thinks he would like it. It needs to be moved from my house to his. I called the place I purchased it from in 2003 to see what they would charge. $1,500+.
More than I am selling it for.

It would have to go out my double doors in bedroom onto the back patio then over the lawn to the front. No other way. In 2003 they got it from a storage unit I had it shipped to when I bought it then when I got a house I called them they picked it up from storage unit brought to my house got it in rolling it over metal plates I think it was $350.

Anyone moved a larger safe over a lawn?

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Post by Wakko »

When I moved, I had to move two similarly sized safes about 15 miles. C&E, where the safes came from, wanted over a grand. I ended up using a safe company out of Dania for $700. That did not include removing and rebolting. As expensive as it was, worth every penny.

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Post by mohshard »

Call Banks safe and lock.

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Post by Ger42 »

Just talked to another neighbor he said keep it in the house as part of the sale a lot of people would love to have a fire resistant safe.

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Post by n0rlf »

PVC pipe. Keep moving it under the safe as you roll it across there lawn carefully. I did that twice. Worked well but it was s very dry lawn. If it is wet I would bet you would need plywood then PVC pipe. And as couple big friends.

Leaving it in house for sale as incentive is not a bad idea either

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Post by Outgunu »

I moved mine from my truck bed through my back yard and sliding door to the bedroom with a heavy duty appliance dolly. I was on the handle end and a neighbor helped where needed at the moment. It was easy.

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Gerr I have one of those heavy duty appliances dolly if you need it.
That’s how moved mine too, you’ll still going to need to lay plywood on top of the lawn and a couple of strong dudes.

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Post by TheKernel »

I just moved my 1000+ lb safe to my new house. Moving company charged me an extra $300 just for the safe. Worth it!!

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Post by Taco »

Mine was bolted to a palette when it was delivered. It made it easier to tilt and I was able to get stuff underneath. I was able to get a furniture mover under one side and a hand truck under the other. Wasn't too bad until I got to the step... I seem to have blocked that part of my memory, but I remember it taking a few hours and requiring a wile e coyote contraption.

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Post by Casual » ... mIQAvD_BwE

This is what i use. Still bring help though

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