Teachers Unhappy With Raise

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Nearly everyone thinks they are underpaid, and the hardest worker.

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Crashpanic wrote:
Taco wrote:
Wed Jan 15, 2020 12:18 pm
P5 Guy wrote:
Wed Jan 15, 2020 7:37 am
Shouldn't that be worth more?
It seems the answer you are seeking is yes, however your own willingness to work for that amount contradicts the premise- let alone the other lower-cost labor that replaced you. If the lower-cost labor produced inferior results and it causes the death of some people, then perhaps you could argue their total cost is more than yours.
I wish I could down vote this. American workers have been screwed for years, and then they bring in the foreign labor, H1Bs, etc, and screw them over worse.
If you ran a business with thin profit margins you’d be seeking to reduce to the cost of your labor input as well. The problem isn’t with the business owners, or, at least it wasn’t before government forced them to shut down, leading to layoffs and permanent closures. No business can survive an economy run like this, much less afford to pay everyone they hire $15/hour.
Small business regulations and taxes need to be relaxed to encourage economic growth. The government at all levels has done the exact opposite. The outcome was obvious and predictable.

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