Rape Suspect Shot By Police As He Pistol Whipped His Victim!

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Rape Suspect Shot By Police As He Pistol Whipped His Victim!

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https://www.tacticalshit.com/rape-suspe ... IyBvYyBshU

Police responding to a call of a rape in progress. Upon arriving officers confronted the suspect who was still assaulting the woman and despite officers commands to drop his weapon he continued to hit her with the pistol. Officers engaged him before it turned deadly.

Fox8 Cleveland reports that a press release, at around 3:40 p.m. Tuesday, officers responded to Superior Road for a report of a rape.

Police say officers were confronted by a man with a gun; they say the man approached the woman with the firearm pointed at her head. East Cleveland police say officers issued several commands for the man to drop the firearm; officers then fired, striking the man.

Both the man and woman were taken to University Hospitals.

Police say the man was pronounced dead at the hospital. The woman is being treated for wounds police say were caused by the male suspect…

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POS won the room temperature challenge!

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"But, but, but...why couldn't they just shoot him in the leg?!" - Every Liberal turd after a shooting like this. :roll:

Look how long the stain remained standing & holding his gun after they unloaded in him.

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Awesome shoot saving a rape victim. He must have been on drugs. He did not drop very quickly. Another scum that won't drain the legal system. quickly :P
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did the bad guy squeeze one off when he smacked her in the head with the pistol ?? and where was the tactical reload, I counted 12

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