Teachers Sounding The Alarm Over ‘Room Clear’

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From 1996 to 1999 I taught middle school science in Broward County. During that same time. I also did low voltage electric work, and normal electric work with my father, a licensed electrician. When an older teacher who lost a county position was coming to our school I was told I would lose my classroom and have to float from room to room for six periods a day and still teach three different grade levels with 35 to 45 children per class while the older teacher would have a special class with a maximum size of 8.

I'm a big dude who in the one hour a day I got for planning Was forced to walk around the school like a security guard to make sure bad kids weren't doing bad things. Even though I offered more and did more than the older teacher, I was screwed. When I looked at my W-2s the electric work I had been doing nights weekends and Summers compared to the W-2s for teaching I made more not teaching.

I don't understand why anyone who has another option would voluntarily teach public school kids with Administration that doesn't support them, parents who are at best wack jobs or at worst detrimental Psychopaths and receive a subpar salary to try and pay off a college degree that they should have put toward trade school to get a better life with a lot less bullshit.

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You and you're wife are doing the right thing, dammitgrif. Best of luck.

We need to distinguish between those children with diagnosed issues...
From just the plain ol bratty, no baby daddy and crack hoe mommie.

That said, back when I was in school, some kid threw a tantrum and they'd be bum rushed by the whole school staff....then the paddle in the pricipal's office.

Sadly though, back then children with special needs were also manhandled.

We do need to increase the hiring of specially trained teachers for special needs children.
That takes money...a lot...but desperately needed.
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Anytime an Institution caters to the lowest common denominator that consistently drags down everyone else, education and learning suffer.

There's a reason why as soon as a decent Charter School opened near my house, both my kids went there, one is still there any other is at St Thomas Aquinas in Broward. All the administrators, content specialist, school board members, and others in Broward County Public Schools send their kids to St Thomas Aquinas, American Heritage, chaminade-madonna, or Cardinal Gibbons.

The rest of you peons can send your kids to Public Schools where they get the education they deserve.

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I know a few people that home school their kids and I always tell them how polite & well mannered the kids are.
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Believe it or don't but if'n you do this and it's only the "offender" left in the room, staff has to fill out "seclusion report" as technically the offender is secluded. Joe

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dammitgriff - kudos to your wife and you. Most commendable on many levels. You have my respect.
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School is free babysitting for a lot of parents, nothing more.

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I have a customer that is an education major at Rollins College. She told me that there's not a single person graduating in her program that is actually going to become a teacher. Once they got into the classrooms and saw what teachers have to put up with from every direction, students,parents, administration, the legislature, they decided its not worth it.

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Yeah... we home school our two kids. No way I'm letting the liberals get ahold of them.

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