Sad News of FSN member GMountain

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Re: Sad News of FSN member GMountain

Post by Miami_JBT » Fri Mar 29, 2019 7:36 pm


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chester field
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Post by chester field » Fri Mar 29, 2019 9:30 pm

Very sorry to hear this. He was a positive presence here.
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Post by Cubanstang50 » Fri Mar 29, 2019 9:35 pm

Wow, rip

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Post by flcracker » Fri Mar 29, 2019 9:58 pm

May they both RIP.
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Post by CaptBarty » Sat Mar 30, 2019 9:57 am

RIP. I was talking to him only about two weeks ago. A fine gentleman.
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Post by wjbarricklow » Sat Mar 30, 2019 6:10 pm

Sorry to hear that. I’ve met him once or twice. Super nice guy. Didn’t realize he was on the forum as gmountain.

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Post by Molivo » Sat Mar 30, 2019 7:03 pm

Jeff and his wife Nancy were as good of people as you could ask for. Good friends of mine, we went to dinner many a time, and I always looked forward to supporting the NRA Dinners every year that he arranged. He lived in a gated community I manage. Its a tragedy that is indescribable in words to me. I just heard the news today and am still in shock.

RIP Jeff & Nancy. You both meant more to me then I can describe.

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Post by Firemedic2000 » Sat Mar 30, 2019 8:53 pm

Truely sorry to hear such sad news. He was a really great guy. Please keep us updated on the circumstances.
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Post by Jeepsnguns » Sat Mar 30, 2019 8:58 pm

Wow, bad news.
I met him once to do a deal.
He was top notch, great guy!!!

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Post by photohause » Tue Apr 02, 2019 10:10 am

I found this in today's news. ... ubscriber&

I received this today from Jennifer Williams. That's all.

We received word from the family that a Celebration of Life for Jeff & Nancy Kirsch will be held today from 5pm – 7:30 at:

Shuckers on the Beach
9800 S Ocean Drive
Hutchinson Island
Jensen Beach, FL


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