Who carries appendix

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Who carries appendix

Post by Jhartman714 »

Just curious who carries appendix and who hates it.

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Post by TC6969 »

G19 in a Remora.

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Post by Odessaman »

In my opinion, with the right gun, a proper holster and ample practice, it is the most discreet, secure and versatile method of carry.

Your gun is more accessible by either hand (with practice) and better defended from being snatched by an assailant, as opposed to traditional strong-side carry. Less chance of printing with movement, as long as you wear an appropriate cover garment.

You do have to exercise excellent trigger / muzzle discipline and practice cautious and deliberate holstering - I use my support hand to hold my cover garment out of the way against my stomach so I can clearly see the mouth of the holster, and slowly seat the gun fully. I prefer a holster made of Kydex or form fitted leather that lets you feel and/or hear the gun snapping into the holster. In my opinion, cheap, flexible pouch holsters like Uncle Mike's or Galco Stow-N-Go are no good for AIWB. I want something rigid that protects the trigger from contact with anything outside my clothing, and something that will keep the holster mouth open for one-handed re-holstering, so my support hand can clear the cover garment.

It will likely be uncomfortable for those with a larger belly, or for anyone who wants to carry anything larger than a Glock 19 sized weapon. Anything bigger tends to poke you in uncomfortable spots when seated or bending over. Holster selection is key - shorter barreled guns like the Glock 26 or a J-frame snubbie will tend to roll forward over the beltline when you bend at the waist unless they're stabilized in a good, properly fitting holster.

After switching to AIWB several years ago, I can't imagine going back to strong side carry.

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Post by Skoll »

I carry appendix. It's just quicker and more comfortable for me, really. I've heard a lot of people complain that it digs into their fat though.
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Post by Deputydave »

We had a big discussion about this on GT a while back. Partly due to this video:


I talked with the owner of the website that originally posted the video and article. He knows the man that shot himself personally. Basically, they believe the undershirt got tucked down into the holster during the reholstering of the Glock 43. When he bent over it pulled on the trigger and caused the discharge. Some thought the video was staged, it was not and the man did indeed shot himself and is recovering.

Looking at the video, the man 'looked' the G43 into the holster (good idea). He didn't appear to rush. He wasn't acting the fool. Just didn't notice the undershirt being stuffed into the holster.

From a training perspective, a LOT of the issue with AD/ND is during the reholstering process with a striker fired pistol. That is because of the generally light trigger pull and/or short reset.

At one time, when I carried a G43 I also AIWB carried. After considering the video and rethought that approach and went back to strong side IWB. That is where I carry my G26.4 as well.

I have no issue carrying in the appendix position but will now only do so with a pistol that is either DAO or has a manual thumb safety. Some folks do like or use manual thumb safeties, I like them and would put one on my Glock if it wasn't so damn expensive. No, I'm not afraid of the striker fired Glock. Been carrying them for decades. But the propensity for a AD/ND is simply greater with a striker fired pistol than with a DAO or thumb safety pistol during the reholstering process. If I'm going to AIWB it would be with something like a Ruger LC9s with thumb safety.

As far as thumb safeties, provided you train for the platform it is a gross motor skill to disengage one during the draw, adds no time to the draw and is instinctive with proper training. And again, is inherently safer during the reholstering process.
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Post by Bmup »

I occasionally carry a Kel Tec P380 or PF9 AIWB in a Remora holster. To reholster it, you remove the holster from your belt, put the gun back in it, then slide the whole assembly back where it was. Trigger is protected at all times so no surprises.
Lately though, I've been carrying OWB in an "Outlaw" kydex I got for $40 on Amazon. I can't believe how much more comfy an OWB is.
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Post by JonathanW »

Never found it to comfortable with holsters I’ve owned, I’m 5”10ish and 185, so it doesn’t dig into my belly that bad. At the 4 o’clock position feels the best for me, even when sitting in a car

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Post by cal45 »

Have appendix carried for years. Never cared for kydex holsters until I discovered Vedder Holsters a year ago.
Have a few of them now and just received my LightTuck IWB for my new Gen5 G19.



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Post by jwperry »

I've been carrying AIWB nearly as long as I've been carrying period(about 12 years). Most comfortable and concealable method for me. I use JM Custom Kydex, Dark Star Gear Kydex holsters, Legacy Firearms Co or 508 Holsters. I like Legacy & 508's light bearing offerings & JM or DSG without lights.

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Post by Skoll »

My AIWB holster is a kydex holster from Dara Holsters, but I emailed Kusiak Leather about a custom AIWB holster for my 5906.
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