A good week selling stocks

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A good week selling stocks

Post by flcracker »

Wooden rifle stocks, that is.

First sale was a wooden Nigerian BM59 pistol-gripped stock for an M1 Garand that I bought about 12 years ago from Reese Surplus for about $120, IIRC. After a 14-day auction on GB it sold this past Sunday for $530.

Second was a cracked stock for an old model Ruger 44 carbine. I bought the rifle with the cracked stock from someone on FSN about 10 years ago. Neal at Pasco Gun Works hooked me up with a replacement stock that he had stashed in his attic for $85. Today, the cracked stock that I held onto for a decade or so sold on GB for just over $135.

Not bad, huh?!! 8-)
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Post by Odessaman »

Those stocks outperformed many I've had over the years.

Congrats on a nice return.

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