Shooters World Powder

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Shooters World Powder

Post by jimmac »

Does anyone know if Shooters World Powder and Shooters World Gun Store are owned by the same Corp.
If so, I wonder why the Tampa Shooters World gun store doesn't carry the powder, or for that matter, any Reloading supplies.
I made a 27 mile one way trip to the store hoping to maybe find some powder. I asked the first sales clerk I saw where the reloading department was, and he just stared at me and asked what I wanted, I told him I wanted some powder to reload 38 Special, and he told me, "I DON'T THINK WE SELL BLACK POWDER" I EXPLAINED WHAT I WANTED WAS SMOKLESS POWDER, NOW HE WAS REALLY CONFUSED. I looked around for about 10 minutes, the place was like a museum, and left, knowing full well I would not be returning.
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Post by dammitgriff »

I bit on a sale online at Midsouth Shooters Supply and bought an 8-pounder of the SW heavy pistol powder. It looks like they may have some in stock.
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Post by gforester »

I have used SW Blackout and Tactical Rifle powders and they work great. Just picked up some Ultimate Pistol and more Blackout 1# cans. Would have gotten the 8# jugs if they had any.
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Post by flcracker »

Shooters World gun store was started by a Tampa doctor. I highly doubt that he was also into smokeless powder manufacturing.
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Post by SFSGM »

They are totally different companies. Shooter's World powders are a good company. I manuf ammo and use their powders n bulk and they perform well. As a competitor I shoot their rifle powders in 6mmBR; 6.5 CM; 6.5x55; .308 and do well. When Varget was difficult to find, I shifted over to their powder and now I prefer it. their 4350 is also very close to H-4350.
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