West German Sig P6 hammer and mags

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West German Sig P6 hammer and mags

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I am looking for a old West German Sig Saure P6 police trade in hammer and mags for sale
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Is there difference between Sig P-225 mags and P6 mags?
I assume difference would be just marking?
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Thank you for your interest in my search.
From what I understand the P6 is the same as the P225, except for the bobbed hammer, that was designed to bend or break off to absorb the energy if the weapon was dropped on the hammer to avoid damaging the fireing pin that was issued to the west German police. If the armory saw that the weapon had been droped on the hammer, it was almost a rebuke to the officer not being able to handle the weapon properly. The holster was awkward and easy to get tangled up and it was not an uncommon thing to drop the weapon. It was obvious, and the weapon could be taken apart and inspected to repair the potentially damaged fireing pin.
The newer P225 A1’s are not compatible with the P6 or the Original P225’s. The magazines fit but hang down approximately 1/4 of an inch below the bottom of the pistol. The hammers are compatible for the P6 and the original P 225’s without the bobbed hammer.
I’ve been reading and looking for these magazines for the P6, and they are a little hard to find. The reason why I am looking for an original hammer, is it seems like there’s almost a cult type following for these pistols, and with the different law enforcement departments they were issued to. Certain markings identify whether they were for the regular uniform police, detectives or federal police agencies that were uniformed or non-uniformed special investigators. The markings on the one I purchased indicates that it was a plain clothed federal agency, with very little use. Possibly a federal agent that investigated counterfeiting, etc.
Again, thank you. If you have any of these magazines I would love to buy them. And if anyone has access to an original hammer, I would buy that also.
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Do a post here..... http://sigforum.com/eve

I've had my 225 with five mags for over 25 years...it is my EDC because I shoot it so well out of all my guns.



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