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Only manly men question

If it doesn't fit in any of the other forums, post it here!
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Only manly men question

Post by Whoutink »

If you've had a rough and tough life, that you spent working hard, sweating, in a dangerous environment, on your feet for at least 8 hours a work day, I have a question. I need the longest lasting, toughest, most comfortable, reasonably light weight, water proof, steal toe, slip resistant, baddest ass, recraftable/re-sole-able, most manly work boot. So I figured, I should ask the most manliest men in Florida. Im leaning towards red wings. Idk, I have no experience. Which work boot do I want?

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Post by Whoutink »

Oh yah, forgot to add these will be worn in Florida, not at the north pole. I don't need to keep warm. I need the opposite. It's hot as balls

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Post by n0rlf »

Red wings. Great choice

Just my opinion, been using them for years. I have bought three or four pairs over last twenty years. That is all I needed because they last so well.

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Post by P5 Guy »

I second RedWings.

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Post by NorincoKid »

3rd on Red Wings...

Pricey, but well made

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Post by BerettaRacer »

Just another idea that you may be able to use from time to time.

Not a boot, but Skechers makes a really comfortable steel toe work sneaker. Good wide no slip sole, pretty rugged, not obnoxious in the Fla heat.
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Post by Cwt7691 »

In my Opinion thru actual experience. I have super wide feet and learned thru thousands of wasted dollars on lower cost boots' not to waste the Money. It just cost me more later, even on my dress and casual shoes. My wife laughs that I have more boots than her shoes.

Below is my choices I give advise on to others. Everyone loves the 1st 3 picks

1. $$$$ Wesco (WEST COAST SHOES) boots are the best. Custom fit . Expensive but well worth the cost. I have a 30 year old pair that will last forever. Factory rebuilt 1 time. My riding boots are currently different pair

2. $$$ little less expensive . Danner boots can be rebuilt at the factory. Have several. 1 pair I was issued by the USMC in the early 90's have been rebuilt . Have them on right now.....25 years old
Danner has a lower priced line that are Chinese made parts to Danner spec assembled in USA line. Actually won a pair last year at VFW raffle. Decent boot obvious differences however.
Then a lower priced ALL chinese made to Danner spec line, All easily identified and advertised as such. I have a pair of Rattlesnake waterproof from this line. comparable to most other Branded snake boots

3. $$ Redwing watch where they are made. Store manager tried to mislead me . NOT FULLY DISCLOSED that many are Chinese,,, look deep

4. $ Georgia Boots some are chinese others USA. can be bought at several supply stores .
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Post by Cubanstang50 »

I have been using bates light for 20 years now. From jungles to concrete walking with gear military gear on. They have been the best, most comfortable and lightest. I weight about 220 with gear on and my feet are flat as shit lol. I can get almost a year out of them. They are about 120 bucks

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Post by dieselbeef »

I LIKE WOLVERINES ....the redwings are super comfy..but in my welding and climbing squatting get wet sometimes experience..the tops rot off the soles under a yr..wolverines are indestructible and feel like slippers

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Post by Chinerd00 »

Timberland PRO Powertrain Sport Alloy Toe

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