Restore or Junk?

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Restore or Junk?

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So, your family hands a car down thru the generations, an accident has the insurance company claim it totaled. You can't fix the car and get it licensed?

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More dumb government overreach, imo. Is it that hard to have an inspector come out and declare it fit for the road?
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Post by Gregg »

Solution that works.
Take the car to another State, and register it there.
Then bring it back to your home state and get the title transfered.

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It should be retitled as a "Salvage Title" car.


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If you can’t get it inspected, & reclassified as a rebuilt title, then register it in Alabama. No titles before 1975 vehicles are required. While you may not live there, from 1980-2012, I registered my cars there, & never stepped foot in that state. They even mailed the tag, & paperwork to me here in Florida. GARY.

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