The Latest Atrocity?

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The Latest Atrocity?

Post by P5 Guy » ... ailsignout

How mean and nasty of them to discriminate natural haired peoples! Oh the shame!

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Post by TACC »

I guess I'm stupid, because I dont really understand the purpose of this new law this puke just signed into law.

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Post by Firemedic2000 »

New one on me. I guess it means if they dont want to wash it for months to get dreadlocks you cannot tell them they must have good personal hygiene at work :lol: what a bunch of B.S.
In the Government's/Elitist eye's I'm a Terrorist for believing in the Constitution and taking an oath to defend it instead of POLITICAL LEADERS

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Post by patw »

The insanity is growing. These nuts are just getting loonier. What's next?

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