Went to Comcast today & returned all my stuff

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Went to Comcast today & returned all my stuff

Post by photohause »

ATT install in less than two hours for phone, internets. No more TV since we never watch major networks.
Ruku is fine for us. I was in their facility just over three minutes. Never asked a thing. Others there doing the same thing.
Contract ends in ten days, phoned them yesterday and thy had the balls to say " I have to check to see if there's a early termination fee".
Are you scatting me? Sent a note to the FCC.

Ahhh, life's better now.
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Post by rentprop1 »

yeah Spectrum shut down the direct wire cable to the TV, (which was just basic channels) yesterday too, making you purchase a box for every TV, guess what the basic box increases your bill by $30 a month, so 2 of the bedroom TV's lost any signal, F that....

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Post by gforester »

Good luck with AT&T, I haven't heard anything good about them from my family or friends.I am sort of stuck with Dish since I have to have access at two locations 600 miles from each other. I can say the Dish DVR is worlds better than what Brighthouse offered me.

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Post by rug357 »

I just switched our service from AT&T to Comcast last week.
We had AT&T for past 5+ years and it was always POS. We would regularly get our connection cut for no reason for 5-10 minutes couple times a day. When it rains a lot we would loose service for hours at a time. We've been complaining for years and little to no results. I just returned all our equipment on Monday. With Comcast we've noticed 1000% better connection and it's much faster too.

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Post by FfNJGTFO »

Frankly, I'm amazed you didn't get transferred to a "Retention Specialist" when on the phone. When I was selling my townhouse in NJ, I knew that I would have that problem with Comcast, but I also knew my local Comcast service center was very close by, and all I had to do was show up with the equipment and they would cancel it without any hassle. And that's exactly what I did. No questions asked, no fuss no muss. Easy!

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I have had direct tv for years which I’ve never been big fan of. I have ATT cell service which has been ok....Went to ATT to activate a phone for my daughter Monday night. The guy brings up Direct tv and I say how I hate it and I cost too much etc and he tells me about Direct tv now. It’s $35 a month plus sales tax for local and basic channels on 2 devices at the same time, more $ for more channels. But it’s all via the internet...and doesn’t count towards data usage on your phone if your not on WiFi. Lots of shows are on demand, and there’s 20 hours of cloud (direct tv servers) dvr. It’s $10 for 3 months trial peiod. I’m trying right now and saving $100+ plus a month...

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Post by Clyde621 »

I too switched from att to spectrum over a year ago. The main reason was cost. Att kept raising the rates to the outrageous range. Well guess what, spectrum just jacked my rates over $50 per month because I am out of introductory. I have got to cut cable tv. This is too crazy for a retiree couple. Going to have to keep them for internet service but that's it. What are you guys doing for tv besides antennas.

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Post by Tenzing_Norgay »

Clyde621 wrote:
Wed Jul 25, 2018 4:32 pm
What are you guys doing for tv besides antennas.
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Post by Clyde621 »

Do those give you regular networks? Any ability to record to playback later?

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I have Comcast internet. Why? Because literally there is nothing else. I was finally forced to go with them. For TV, Sling. Has everything I would ever watch. The locals channels come in for free over the air.