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AR Thumper

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AR Thumper

Post by Arkhangel5 »

I have a 450 Bushmaster. Hunt hogs with it.

Not really a range gun other than for load testing. Not your normal AR, it does have substantial recoil, and does not hit like a 5.56/.223 at all. It is equipped with a AR Stoner muzzle brake to tame the recoil.

Right now I shoot 250gr bullets at 2230fps thru it, I also reload for it as factory ammo has gotten stupidly overpriced. I also have 300gr ammo for it, but just tested some 335gr hardcast gas checked bullets thru it, they got up to 1840fps. I have seen factory loadings up to 365gr(Hornady), but subsonic for it. Buffalo Bore makes 360gr suspersonic loads for it, they advertise 1700fps, not my cup of tea at $60/20rnds.

This is a pic of some loaded ammo for it, 250gr Hornady FTX on left, Cast Performance 335gr hard cast on right.

This is a slo mo vid of a 250gr Speer Deep Curl at 2230fps into ballistic gel from 20yds away. It really shows how hard this round can hit.
Sorry had to edit, linked to wrong vid

I hunt with this at night, so it is equipped for such, scope and illuminator, I can easily see out to 150+yds, but most of my shots/kills have been inside 40yds. 450BM hits like a hammer, no hog shot lived.

Already tried 250's, 260's and 300's in this caliber, but was curious about the heavier bullets, especially in an AR.

This is the 450BM configured for night hunting:

What u guys think?


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Post by Lastrites »

Nice looking stick, good for some restricted States for hunting is always a bonus. One of these days.

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