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What are you guys lubing/cleaning your guns with?

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Post by rug357 »

I use Ed's Red that I mix at home to clean my bore, internals and surface of every firearm. After everything is cleaned off I use a break cleaner to blow everything out and remove any trace of oil/lube. Then I wipe everything and all metal surfaces down with Ed's Red again. Finally I lube my firearms with Lubriplate grease on rails and bolt and Mobile1 20W-50 oil on everything else. I make about a quart of Ed's Red and it enough to last a year.

BTW I don't clean my firearms that frequently. Most pistols go about 3,000 rounds or more before I clean them and my rifles get cleaned once a year or two.

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Post by rentprop1 »

Rand Bore and Bolt cleaner, rinse with purple power, air blow dry and then usually breakfree CLP

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CLP & Wilson Combat Gun Grease.

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Breakfree CLP

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Weapon Shield or Hornady One Shot Depending on the gun.

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Hoppes & ATF.

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Second vote for Ed's Red as a cleaner.
Superlube or moly graph for parts that need to be greased.

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