Name 3 AR-10 makers that are a good value, name 3 to avoid

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Name 3 AR-10 makers that are a good value, name 3 to avoid

Post by kayakingsteve »

I'm not a newbie to shooting, but definitely inexperienced with the AR platform. Interested in bare-bones mechanically sound AR-10, gas piston that is reasonably accurate to 200-400 yards. It would fill the role of my sole long-gun, so defense/hunting etc... My budget is as close to 1k or under as possible while not sacrificing function. I don't care about aesthetics.

What would your 3 best AR-10 makers be for entry level functional guns?
What would be 3 makers you would avoid?

Any input appreciated.

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Post by rentprop1 »

this is a coke vs Pepsi, Ford vs Chevy question you're gonna get 200 answers from guys telling you why their gun is awesome :roll:

here is some solid advice, if you want an AR buy it now, you're looking at $ 800 +/- for a Palmetto, these are the folks kinda controlling the market right now, they have 3 of the big boys milling out forgings as fast as they can 3 shifts a day/6 days a week, the problem in the delay in anodizing and assembly... most any other manuf is so behind with the covid, race riots and election panic, that you would end up better off, looking for a used rifle being sold at gank prices by someone looking to dump one at that price range. I still say go with a Palmetto.

Ive been watching AR prices like a hawk daily, as there are $ 2000 AR's getting listed on Gb there are just as many sub $700 deltons and matrix and stuff, there is no rhyme or reason to it, my only advice don't mess around and buy one now. what little inventory that is out there is moving fast.

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Post by kayakingsteve »

Appreciate the advice. Like anything; when you get into it as a newbie you don't even know the right questions to ask.

Palmetto looks like it's out of stock for everything right now.

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Post by gforester »

You will not find a gas piston AR10 for under $1000. A direct impingement AR15 or AR10, yes.
But I also agree that the PSA guns are good guns for the money.

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Post by S&W collector »

I agree with palmetto. I'll also throw in S&W M&P 10 with a different hand guard and upgraded trigger.

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Post by Casual »

Ive had issues with POF 308, but still think its an ok platform

I have a LWRC REPR II in 308 in mind as my next rifle purchase.

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Post by TC6969 »

Palmetto tried three times to send me a .308 that would run and failed miserably.

I gave up and bought a DPMS LR-308.


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