Extra magazines for semi autos

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Extra magazines for semi autos

Post by trouter3 »

We've covered what positions we EDC our weapons ... Do you carry extra mags, how many, and where do you keep or store them, my EDC is a Glock 42 that's six rounds in the mag and one in the chamber, not much firepower IMHO, also carry a translucent mag with 12 rounds as backup, but it's a pain in Pratt to carry in my empty pocket, always seems to be in the way, any recommendations or comments, I guess this question is applicable to revolvers also if you carry spare rounds ...

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Post by Deputydave »

Kytex Shooting Gear: http://www.kytexgear.com/products-page/ ... g-carrier/

By far the best mag carrier I've ever used. I've bought for for an HK P30SK, Glock 26 and Ruger LC9s. Keeps it close to the body with to wiggle or bobble to it at all. Worth every penny.

I carry a minimum of one spare mag. This will be on my person in the above carrier. I will carry one or two more mags in my EDC sling bag. Basic reason is if a malfunction occurs with the first mag I need to have a spare to correct the malfunction (such as rip-n-work with a double feed).
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Post by jwperry »

Yes, I normally carry spare magazine(s). It really depends on the gun and it is mostly to balance out the weight on my belt. I normally carry in either a JM Custom Kydex AIWB mag pouch or a BAWIDAMANN Vertical mag pouch.

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I carry a spare mag in my EDC bag, and keep a few in the truck.

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Post by EDC Pistol Training »

Yes, in an IWB kydex mag carrier at the 11:00.

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Post by trouter3 »

Just placed an order for extra belt mag from company recommended in thread, getting real old carrying extra magazines in my pockets, even tho I wear cargo shorts with many deep pockets could never get it in a position where it was comfortable and didn't move around ...thanks for the recommendation ....

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Post by Flashooter22 »

I carry a spare in a kydex carrier on my support side. These are ambi and the clip can be positioned for either owb or iwb wear.

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Post by deathpriest »

Front pocket, in plastic sleeve, opposite side of EDC.
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Post by jaytwillerham »

While nobody complains about having too much ammo,
We might be getting carried away worrying about not having enough rounds for repelling a boarding party.
Most home and self defense reports involve very few rounds fired.
And in many instances, there's reportedly no rounds fired.
Just the presentation of a gun seems to be enough for the intruders to suddenly remember pressing business elsewhere.
If the above is true, then one mag extra should be plenty.
And help keep your pants up, too.

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Post by lakelandman »

I have a mag holder and always carry two spare mags on my belt I rather carry more than run out when needed.
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