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Woods Carry: 357sig or 357 magnum

State and national practical & political discussions on legal open, concealed and vehicle carry.

357sig or 357 magnum

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Post by Mannlicher »

Wheel gun in .357, for me. In some 65+ years bumming around in the woods, I rely needed more than a shot or two.

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Post by osprey21 »

.357 Magnum.
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Post by Deputydave »

I'd be tempted to get a 357sig barrel for my Sig P250 woods carry pistol if I could find one at a deal. Just to have the option between 40S&W and 357sig for the woods.

I think either would get the job done on anything in Florida.
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Post by dammitgriff »

40 S&W?
You mean, .41 mag short?

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