5.7x28 available at Bass Pro for $32/box

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5.7x28 available at Bass Pro for $32/box

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As of today, Sunday 11/29 at 2:30PM, Bass Pro at Dolphin mall had 45 boxes left of 5.7x28 ammo for about $32/box. I've been looking for this caliber for an elderly friend and just managed to snag him some boxes. I know very few people shoot this caliber but I figured I'd share in case anyone is looking. Over the past few weeks I've seen it going for $85-100/box at gun shows and gun shops.

Probably better hurry if you need some though.

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Scored 100 round boxes of brass 9mm FMJ for $27.99, 20 round boxes of 45 ACP hollow point for $19.99, and 20 round boxes of 380 Auto hollow point for $21.99 at the Dania Bass Pro on Saturday. Lots of foot traffic in the ammo and gun department!

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