Another two RIPs....

Forum dedicated to remembrance of people that we knew or that were at the center of our ideals. It is not for the death of famous people, actors or singers.
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Another two RIPs....

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#1) Newsmax reporting the death today of Journalist Larry King in Calif. at 87. Although cause of death has not yet been released, he had been hospitalized for Covid-19. I know many here may not like him, but it is a notworty passing.

#2) Gregory Sierra - Reported by the IMDB.Died at age 83. Actor who played in both "Sanford & Son" as Julio Fuentes, and as Det. Sgt. Chano Amenguale on "Barney Miller." I recall a rather poignant episode where he actually was involved in a DGU (justified, of course), but it tore him apart. But I also recall his very short role as Lt. Lou Rodriquez on the first few episodes of Miami Vice. He was assassinated a short few episodes in by an Argentinian professional assassin played by shooting expert Jim Zubiena.

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I’m pretty sure Jimmy Carter is next...

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Gregory Sierra was a great character actor. RIP.

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