RIP, Mary Ann (Dawn Wells)

Forum dedicated to remembrance of people that we knew or that were at the center of our ideals. It is not for the death of famous people, actors or singers.
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RIP, Mary Ann (Dawn Wells)

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Mary Ann, all day, every day (and twice on Sunday). ... 82-1149549

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Post by FfNJGTFO »

And apparently, due to Covid-19.

It really sucks... :(

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FfNJGTFO wrote:
Wed Dec 30, 2020 3:14 pm
And apparently, due to "causes related to" Covid-19.

It really sucks... :(
....and some rin up hill and down dale, knapping the chucky stanes to pieces wi' hammers, like sae mony road-makers run daft - they say it is to see how the warld was made!
Saint Ronan's Well - Sir Walter Scott, Bart. (1824)

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Mary Ann had a profound impact on my puberty :lol:

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