Remembering Glockpacker

Forum dedicated to remembrance of people that we knew or that were at the center of our ideals. It is not for the death of famous people, actors or singers.
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A scope that he sold me sits on top of a .223 TC contender who's barrel was threaded for me by Kurt in Bushnell about a month before Kurt died in motorcycle crash so that firearm is actually a memorial to two amazing gun guys.
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Speaking of scopes, I remember a pic he posted of his new build.
It was taken from his condo balcony overlooking a waterway, in Boca?
He captioned it as he couldn't wait to go to Pt. Malabar to sight her in.
He really was a marksman...even in his failing years.
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He lived on the east side of the intercoastal in Pompano.

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I remember him fondly... I believe that his profession was C.P.A.

Yes, Glockpacker was a fixture around here for years

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RIP Glockpacker.

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