Hello from Panama City

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Hello from Panama City

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New to this forum. Not new to reloading or the shooting sports. I've been reloading for about 20 years. I'm not sure what I enjoy more shooting, processing brass or reloading it. During my final 3 years on active duty I was an RSO at the range on FT Knox. I pretty much lived there 6 days a week. I aquired tons of brass, loaded and fired 10s of thousands of rounds a month. Everything from 300RUM to 25ACP. I processed and sold enough brass that I never really came out of pocket to buy supplies and purchased a few firearms with brass money alone. Nowadays I only load what I'll shoot and I only shoot enough to maintain skill. After I retired in 2017 I moved to Panama City and then hurricane Michael..... needless to say I lost 50 to 60 percent of my equipment to the storm all of my supplies were a loss. The remainder of my equipment was lost due to rust mold & mildew in storage. Oh well. I'm not the only person who lost nearly everything to that storm. I'm thankful we walked away. Looking forward to rebuilding my setup and stockpiling supplies again.

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Wow Coldfinger,, that stinks the big one.. Sorry about your loss and all. Did you loose any of your firearms also??

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Sorry to hear of your loss @Coldfinger. Welcome to FSN!

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Welcome from Tampa Bay! Hopefully, you can recover quickly and even better than before.

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