Getting ready for Spain

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Getting ready for Spain

Post by Japle »

My wife and I are doing a road trip in Spain and Portugal this fall and feel it's necessary to get "into the spirit".
Both these Spanish brandies are pretty good, but I need to pick up a bottle of Soberano Solera and one of Lepano Gran Reserva so I'll know what to buy when we get over there.
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The lady who owns this cafe in Estepona formerly owned an excellent establishment in Sarasota - I would eat her cooking any day.
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Enjoy La Madre Patria, specially the food.

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Post by fridlo »

When you are in Madrid, perhaps the most famous restaurant there is BotIn's. Great Spanish food, Spanish hours. Last time I ate there, years ago, my plate was placed in front of me at 12:40am!

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