First responders sound off thread

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Former Military Police (11 years) and State LEO (2 years) before switching gears and getting into IT. I'm now on the edge of retirement and have a ton of regret about leaving the LEO fold. I should've looked for a different agency that wanted me instead of just walking away.

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In 2 years I can start looking forward to retirement from OFD but might do an additional 3 years of drop


In 3 years I can retire with 30 years from my beloved Navy Reserve.

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My wife and I aer both on the local Rescue Squad. We resond as first out on just about everything except structure fires.

My biggest sound off is "SLOW DOWN AND MOVE THE FLIP OVER!"

My truck is lit up like a christmas tree and I can't even count the number of times people tell me "Sorry, Did not see the lights. Three deputies patrols, two wreckers, four rescue squad vehicles and an ambulance and you did not see the lights? Well, tell you what, just park your car right over there until I can get a deputy over here to talk to you.

We do a lot to save lives and make it easier for people in accidents only to get dang near ran over almost every day.

Ok, rant off. Thanks and please do slow down and move over. And please wwear that seat belt.

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Hey all, I'm new here, just signed up.

30 years EMT, Navy Corpsman Vet., Firearms Instructor.

Thank you ALL for your Service.

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