1st. 2019 Florida Buck

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1st. 2019 Florida Buck

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I managed to drop a 7 point buck late yesterday afternoon at 4:50 PM well before sunset after watching him for 10 minutes in thick Florida cover. I was hunting from one of my tree stands on the property when he made a turn and began walking away from me offering a quartering shot through a small window at 70 yards.

Of course I used my favorite; 6.8 SPC 12.5” AR-P barreled SBR with a Saker 7.62 suppressor. The load is my favorite; Barnes 95 grain TTSX over 29.5 grains of LT-32. The buck made 40 yards and collapsed. As usual, the TTSX passed through with no recovery.

Of to the barn and butchering tasks. My doe season opens tomorrow and I still can take 2 more bucks. I have one 12 point on camera that is nocturnal and is the apple of my eye.

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Very nice Sir! Congrats!

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Great looking Florida buck

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