Boar hog with Bushy

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Boar hog with Bushy

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Got this boar hog yesterday morning.
He had been tearing up the 400yd line at club and needed to be taken out.
Got up at 5:30 am, got dressed and was about to head to McD's when decided to do one last scan with night vision.
At about ~240yds out I see this bugger rooting up 400yd line.
Grabbed hearing protection and rifle and headed off downrange to try and get a bead on him.
My plan was to make it to the 500yd flag pole to use it as a brace, I knew the rifle was dialed in for a 100yd shot in the dark.
Got to pole and got set up, sat there waiting for him to give me an angle, while being eaten alive by mosquitoes.
He finally gave me a shot and I went for the shoulder, saw him stagger and try to run off, but very slow.
I saw him lay down in knee high grass, I decided not to track him on foot in the dark, so went and got my truck along with a flashlight.
Found him about 15-20yds from where I shot him.
He was a decent size hog, with a nice set of cutters.

Here is link with some pics:
There is also a 20 second clip of the shot on hog included

Rifle - AR15 in 450 Bushmaster, 16in barrel
Sight - Sightmark Wraith Digital 4-32x scope with night vision, 5 watt IR illuminator
Bullet - 300gr Hornady XTP going 1930fps, over Lil'Gun powder, CCI 450 primer, Hornady case.


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Good video and pics!

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Nice report, well done!

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Good job!

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Very nice, how does it taste?
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