Could you impeach a President For Crimes Committed Before His Election?

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Could you impeach a President For Crimes Committed Before His Election?

Post by TC6969 » ... aching-him

I'm certainly no friend of Joe's, but it doesn't seem right that he could be impeached as president for something that happened while he was still a private citizen.

Of course, after the puppet show we saw over the last couple months, its anything goes!

ETA: Now she's using the "Out of context" defense! ... ailsignout

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Post by Legio »

Everybody has a skeleton in a closet somewhere. I have a few myself. If you have something to say prior to the election, then by all means say it (unless you think that someone will sell a state to further a career). After he is elected the previous stuff don't matter anymore.

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Post by Firemedic2000 »

Biden was not a private citizen when he did those things with Ukraine, China and other countries with his son. I'm sure old Joe benefited money wise also by getting some of that money by means of his son.

Biden was VICE President when all this took place. Not a private citizen. If I understand your question right.

Also to hear Connecticut Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal say anything that a CONSERVATIVE AMERICAN elected or not may think is B.S. especially after all the lies they've said about this PRESIDENT and the people, AMERICANS that support him.

Like President Trump or not. At this moment in history. He is the only choice right now. Unless you support a SOCIALIST EXTREMISTS DRACONIAN DICTATORSHIP. If you do not vote. Then you have zero right to complain about anything. This I'm making a statement is nothing but bullshit and nothing but an excuse not to be responsible. Not refering to OP in no way.

Biden is guilty and he even admitted openly on national NEWS. That he interfered with the investigation of the company his son worked for when he was VICE President. By saying fire the prosecutor or I'm not giving you the one billion in aid. SOB they fired him.

Also the hot Mic of Obama and the Russian with him saying wait until after I'm re elected. But in the mean time Russia attacks Ukraine. If these RADICAL LEFT WING SOCIALIST EXTREMISTS believe blankets and MREs was by any means aid for Ukraine to fight Russian aggression. They are IDIOTS.

It was the DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST EXTREMISTS PARTY that colluded with Russia and the corrupted Ukrainian GOVERMENT who was in power at the time.
Biden forced the firing of a prosecutor investigating a company his son worked for. While again, he was VICE President. Not a civilian.

But I believe there was more than one elected political leader that benefited from Ukraine. Also the traitor Nancy Pelosi had a son that benefited greatly.

Also again this treasonous TYRANNICAL PARTY calling themselves the DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST EXTREMISTS PARTY. They are saying the vote to convict was bipartisan. But even then they were still no where near being able to convict this POTUS.

But you notice they forget to mention that the vote in the house was a bipartisan vote not to impeach. By 2 or 3 house democrats.

This DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST EXTREMISTS PARTY is the most vile, treasonous and CORRUPTED party to ever exist in American history.

This not not blue collar DEMOCRATS. These are flat out SOCIALIST EXTREMISTS that want ABSOLUTE POWER over AMERICA and AMERICAN CITIZENS.

This escapade they pulled was nothing short of a COUP attempt to seize power from the AMERICAN PEOPLE.

Now they are saying, because they know that they will lose 2020 and more than just the POTUS. That we as AMERICANS can not be trusted to decide who can be the leaders of this great nation.

Because some Ukraine or Russian is going to whisper in our ears, telling you and all of America who to vote for.

Again saying if Trump wins he will not be legitimate because we deplorables, white racists, uneducated, cultist are to stupid to know they are the better choice.

Every conceivable despicable insult they can think of they've said about us. The conservative Americans who do not support them and their SOCIALIST EXTREMISTS ADGENDA.

Because we must be brain damaged not educated or intelligent enough to make the proper choice on who should run this nation. Which is them. Plus they like throwing these B.S. POLLS of a 1000 people. That's suppose to REPRESENT millions. The same POLLS that had Hillary beating President Trump in a landslide.

If there ever was a party of tyranny, treason and traitors it is these LEFT WING SOCIALIST EXTREMISTS interested in nothing but absolute power

If anyone is guilty of anything. It is Biden and his former boss Obama for attempting to rig and influence an election.
In the Government's/Elitist eye's I'm a Terrorist for believing in the Constitution and taking an oath to defend it instead of destroying it

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