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Nissan pickups v. All others (gas)

Discussions of all things with motors, wheels, wings and ?????
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rug357 wrote:
Wed Nov 13, 2019 8:57 pm
Joecruiser wrote:
Wed Nov 13, 2019 6:59 pm
Buy 'Merican! Ford.
Ford is Mexican these days :lol:
Mine was built in Kentucky.

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I’ve been pretty happy and trouble free with my 3500 RAM.
I wouldn’t consider other diesel truck but if you’re getting a gasser any of the Big 3 should serve you well, they’re great trucks, I like the new F150 a lot, the interior of the new RAM is really nice too.

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I've got an 01' Frontier, 5spd 2.4 4cyl. Its my old beater but its been pretty reliable for the most part. Its down now waiting for me to pull the tranny so I can get to the rear freeze plug (rusted through), while I'm there I may as well do the clutch. Anyway I picked it up for $800, put maybe another $800 into it (new tires, water pump and radiator and other various parts). If you can deal with a smaller truck it will haul just about anything, pull most of my trailers and has even hauled both of my vettes back from up north (Zhills and Port Richey) with my car dolly. Just my $.02.

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Not a big truck guy at all, but some of the older Nissan's (early to mid 90's) had the VG30 engine, and all my experiences with those have been absolutely fantastic. Not a powerhouse by any means, but I've had (3) cars with that engine and beaten them, mercilessly, from the day purchased till the day they rotted out. Very well built engines.

I had a VG30DETT once too, but thats a whole different animal :twisted:

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I see this thread is still getting some attention as late as this past August.

To provide an update, I ending up getting a Taco in Dec. The Arab in me just couldn't past up a tan Toyota approximately the size of a Hilux.

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I have 10 y/o Taco. Only 110k miles. 3" lift, great goodyear tires.

Most reliable vehicle ever owned. no major issues at all.

Wonderful 4x4, with rear locker. Pulled big box trucks and a semi that were stuck in sugar sand.

I would like to buy a new truck, but the taco is just too good to part with. (and I live in the stix, so a shiny new truck would be filthy in one day.)

PS Good looking pooch!

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I had a 2011 Titan that I walked into for a smoking price. It was a custom one off that someone had ordered and then backed out of. I LOVED that truck until....23 service visits in a 2 year period which did not resolve the issue led me to a lawyer to sue Nissan in 2014. Google "Titan Death Wobble". I couldn't drive at 45 or 65 MPH without my fillings rattling out. It was BAD. They settled out of court, I paid it off and traded it in immediately.

I picked up a 2014 Tundra , and while it drove smooth as glass, I missed the larger cab and amenities I had on my Titan. I went to a 2017 Ram Laramie and am not looking back. I love it.

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