Jeep YJ 5th gear woes

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Jeep YJ 5th gear woes

Post by flcracker » Wed Nov 20, 2019 12:20 pm

5th gear blowout is a common occurrence in the AX-5 transmission. Mine went while driving on the interstate - all of a sudden, shifting to 5th was like shifting into neutral. I've been driving my 94 YJ around in 4th without 5th/OD for about 6 months. Just turned 92,000 miles so I celebrated by finally ordering the replacement snap ring and sleeve that is needed to fix this issue.

My issue is actually getting the work done. I am not equipped nor am I experienced enough to open up my transmission in my driveway or to pull it to work on it on the bench. The place in Sanford that sells the replacement part (Consolidated/Warehouse Transmissions) told me that if I bring it to them, they will pull the tranny and replace the snap ring and install the sleeve for about $450. The best-recommended transmission shop here in Sarasota (Ralph's) estimated $750 just to do that, but strongly suggested that I be prepared for a complete rebuild and maybe even a clutch at an estimated cost of $1300 - $1500. The thing is, I'm seeing rebuilt AX-5s on-line for about $700, so.....

Any suggestions on the best route to go down would be most appreciated, as would any recommendations for a trustworthy Jeep mechanic in the Sarasota area!
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Post by Joecruiser » Wed Nov 20, 2019 8:43 pm

I agree be prepared for a full rebuilt. I'm surprised you found a shop willing to replace the snap ring only, unless it's a bait and switch, ie: once it's cracked open, you're at their mercy.

I replaced the clutch and tranny on my '01 TJ a few years ago. I removed it...a professional shop rebuilt it...I installed it. Shade tree all the way on my driveway....never again will I do that.

Good luck!
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