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West Palm Beach show.

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West Palm Beach show.

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Went to the show today. Many vendors were not there because the aisles need to be 10 feet wide now. Last month there was an hour wait to get in because for 3 people to get in, 3 had to leave. Today it was not busy. Prices are absolutely sick. S&W SD9VE’s that IRA was selling for $289 are now showing $479 price tags. And ammo, 75 cents a round for 223/556. Glad I didn’t need anything. So while sales were slow, the vendors I spoke to did great in Orlando, & Tampa, the last few weeks. But I didn’t work because IRA can’t wear a mask for 8 hours. GARY.

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Yeah, I went up there too, first time in WPB. Gun and ammo prices were outrageous. But I did buy what I was looking for, a body armor kit. Got a carrier vest, front, rear, and side class 3+ polyethylene plates for $800.
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