Shooting lease or land to shoot on in East Manatee County?

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Shooting lease or land to shoot on in East Manatee County?

Post by kayakingsteve »

Looking for a space to shoot in East Manatee County, preferably not too far east but outside of the burbs. I'm temporarily living off of State Road 70 in Lakewood Ranch. (Staying with a friend after I sold my house/land)... Miss having somewhere to shoot and do some basic drills. I would be happy to contribute if someone has some land or a lease somewhere. I would enjoy helping work on maintaining the land/trails and also pay for access.

I'm 44, professional, responsible and just want a spot to get away to possibly once or twice a week. Could be any day (I have some week days off).

Please email me at: if you have anything.

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Post by osprey21 »

Good luck with that.

I've lived in Manatee Co since 1962 and I'm here to tell you, you're 40 years (at least) too late - these days it's ALL about the liability.
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Post by weaselfire »

Why not use Manatee Gun and Archery? Decent range, although a little expensive. There isn't much out there in the way of private land that isn't already leased or that owners will let you shoot on. Unless you come up with the cash to buy.


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