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Is Wolf steel 9mm that dirty?

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Is Wolf steel 9mm that dirty?

Post by p7fl »

Saw a case of Wolf 9 for $300.
Thought it might be OK for my Glock 19s. Other friends have said it is filthy and not worth the time in cleaning, but, the steel case is not an issue.

Thoughts ?

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Post by indy1919a4 »

I have not shot wolf 9mm but shooting other Wolf ammo it can be dirtier then real Winchester and the like.. But you have to clean your gun afterwords anyways.. So its kinda subjective..

The best thing to do is get a box or two shoot it and then let you and your gun decide if that is to dirty for your taste and its operation.

I shoot lots of Corrossive ammo so I have a high tolerance for after shooting residue and cleaning.. :)

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