What is the best reloading setup?

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550 is manual indexing, it’s a great machine and is very versatile and robust. I have one that I use a lot and have it several caliber changes. I also use a 1050 for the calibers i shoot the most as these machines are great but caliber changes are slightly difficult and time consuming plus very expensive. The 650 and 750 are basically the same machine but the 750 is the new version of the 650, they did away with the rotary priming system and use a more reliable slide style like on the 1050 & 550. They are all good machines. If you plan to reload several different calibers I would go with 550 or 750.

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My vote is also for the Dillon 550 for pistol and rifle. There's a smokin' deal on a 550 in the B/S/T forum right now.

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the Dillons are hard to beat for volume. that being said, I use a single stage a lot even though I love my Dillon 550, especially for rifle case prep. I decap and resize on an SS press, tumble to remove case lube and polish, trim, chamfer, and hand prime, then use the Dillon to charge, seat, and taper crimp

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