Red Dot + Magnifier Combo Recommendation

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Red Dot + Magnifier Combo Recommendation

Post by armedpolak »

Hi gang!
I'm looking to put a red dot plus a magnifier combo on my 300 Blackout AR-15 and I need a recommendation. First off, I know you get what you pay for, and in an ideal world where I haven't already dumped a ton of $$$ on suppressors I would get the EoTech Hybrid Sight + Magnifier but I would like to explore cheaper options. So, from cheapest to most expensive:

1) Bushnell Red Dot with Bushnell Magnifier comes out to hair under $220. But is this decent quality that I can eventually put on my son's rifle? Will it hold zero? Or will it fall apart after one heavy range session?

2) Vortex Optics Crossfire Red Dot & Magnifier is $350. I'm liking it but for the price they really could have added a quick-detach option!

3) HOLOSUN Reflex Red Dot Sight + Magnifier Combo is nice looking and has quick-detach mount! Nice! But it's starting to get pricey at $475...

4) EOTECH HHS II Holographic Hybrid Sight + Magnifier is super sweet (I had an EoTech red dot in the past and loved it), has all the features one would want, but dang it it's almost $1100 :(

That's about all I could find on Amazon from respectable companies (is Bushnell quality stuff?). I'm skipping over the $59.99 combo deals since those are surely cheap Chinese junk...

Is there another combo I missed? I would like to stay with 1 company/manufacture for red dot and magnifier just because. I would ideally like to get something for around say $300 to $400, but maybe there's a better option for half the money. Also quick detach would really be nice. Please recommend away!


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Post by mavrik »

I had #4 and,, like Some guns I wish I’d never sold I miss this rig. Magnifier flips out of the way. Only negative I see but wasn’t a problem for me was the added weight. Real good glass. Mav.

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Post by Flame Red »

Just get the good stuff. Whenever I had the urge that I could not wait and I ended up buying something cheap, I find that I ALWAYS ended up ditching the lower price stuff and buying the high quality one later on. Save your $ and just get the good stuff from the start.

What I usually do is scan all the forums looking for the the quality optic I want and buy one gently used and let the first owner pay all the depreciation! Usually they come with the box and sometimes extras like flip covers as a bonus.

I believe something used of high quality always came up within a few months. I think only once did I give up and could not wait and bought something new.
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Post by mavrik »

Also, not that I care what others think so much but as far as $$’s go it’s said u should spend more on your scope than you did on your gun. 🎯

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Post by Wulfmann »

I have played with many combinations and found I could do head shots rested at 200 yards with an EOTech, any model, without the magnifier.
Yes, it shoots better groups with the magnifier but it adds weight and when you have it off to the side it upsets balance and as a CQW it was a waste to me.
I sold them and have EOs on all my primaries (mostly XPS3s but I keep a 512 because it can use AA)

I dropped the NV versions when I realized they were unusable with NV goggles
Their function is with a NV scope in front of behind

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Post by S&W collector »

Like others have said. Save up and buy the nice stuff. But I have this on one of my builds and it works good but definitely not the best. ... fier-combo

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Post by lakelandman »

Red Dot + Magnifier Combo is a waste just get a really good Red Dot.
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Post by rentprop1 »

I have a friend looking to part with a crossfire magnifier NIB , its not QD but it has a decent flip to the side, has 2 risers depending on the co witness you desire, thinking he wants close to 2 bills for it...LMK and I will find out more

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