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Stocks and Sales Soaring

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Stocks and Sales Soaring

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All while the White House seeks ways to kill American jobs by Executive Order ... d=msedgntp

As if shutting down oil pipelines, natural gas and oil exploration and expansion didn't kill enough jobs?

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Ah that's one thing about our Flame, doesn't play any favorites! Flame hates everybody!

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The 2.5 trillion-dollar “infrastructure” spending plan he announced has unhinged the markets from the reality of high inflation risks (rising prices) in expectation of all the money printing (actual inflation) the Federal Reserve will have to continue to do to fund it...and the expectation the Fed will continue to prop up the markets. The Fed really has no choice at this point.
When the 30-year T-bill rate starts rising, all hell will break loose as people begin to realize the Fed lied to them about their ability to control inflation (which is impossible) and they will all rush to trade worthless dollars for real assets. The deeper the hole of socialism we dig (debt-based economy) the less foreign investment in America we will get. The 10Y & 30Y bond yields are already negative in real terms (adjusted for inflation), providing plenty of incentive for foreign holders of the USD to swap them out for real goods. A tidal wave of inflation will wash across America and destroy much of its fake wealth.

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