My exwife died

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My exwife died

Post by Firemedic2000 »

I was sitting on my sofa last night could not remember her addrs. So I googled her name. I'd not spoken to her since Christmas and wondered what happened to her. She was a nice woman. We just both had our differences. We were married for 4 year when we were young. I was 23 and her 21. But she was an only child and spoiled as heck. Lol. But a good girl. College educated and smart.

Some woild be ecstatic with this kind of news. But Carrie was never a bother to me. She was still a friend. We never had children.

I could not remember her addr.
Anyways when I googled her name Carrie's obituary popped up she'd passed away January 21st. I wondered why she stopped posting on her facebook pg. and nothing to indicate was posted showing she'd passed.

Now her father had died about a year ago and she was really close to him. Her mother and she lived together. I do not believe she would talk with me.

Carrie never had gotten married again after we seperated. She did live with a guy for a while. She had a great job.

Her obituary did not mention the cause of death. I'm am truely sadden right now about this. I still had feelings for her. Not in a romantic way but as a dear friend that I'd done anything for. She was 55 I can't help but think she may have committed suicide. Because of the depression from the loss of her father. I don't know.

I just can not believe she died this blows me away. :cry:
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Post by Keith »

Hey brother I am very sorry for your loss man. What a horrible way to hear too. I think you should reach out to her mother. What if she now needs someone to talk to. You two might just be able to greave a little together. I hope you get some closure to this man.

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Post by TheSurvivalist »

Sorry for your loss man. Never easy losing someone, even if you weren't that close recently.

I agree with contacting her mother, might be good for both of you.

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Post by cj5mrt »

Sorry for your loss. I know the feeling. My 1st wife accidently overdosed years ago. We had stayed friends, mostly. Now I work part time with her Dad and see her Mom all of the time. I say reach out to her mom. Couldn't hurt.

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Post by FfNJGTFO »

So sorry for your loss. I think it quite the accomplishment that your parting and post married life was so amicable. Most of the time it isn't... it can get very ugly. I think you should be proud of that achievement.

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Post by GunsandHoses »

Sorry for your loss brother!

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Post by chasdw »

I am sorry for your loss! My wife died over 8 years ago, she had been sick for the last 4 years of her life. There are quite a few widowers on the forum if you'd like someone to dump on!

Again, so sorry for your loss!

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Post by dammitgriff »

FfNJGTFO wrote:So sorry for your loss. I think it quite the accomplishment that your parting and post married life was so amicable. Most of the time it isn't... it can get very ugly. I think you should be proud of that achievement.
Well said, and my sentiments also.

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Post by Grip Hugger »

Sorry to hear. I really do hope it was not suicide. It hurts so many people even worse.
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Post by SteyrAUG »

Sad all the way around. But I'd recommend not trying to contact her mother. Nobody even took the time to let you know or make sure you knew when the funeral and services were so you could show your respects and that should tell you everything you need to know.

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