Amazon gun part purchases

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Amazon gun part purchases

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how confident are you buying gun stuff off Amazon... worried about nock offs,? Misleading description of airport items?

I have purchased 2 weapon lights off amazon.. and pay attention to the 3rd party seller. But still not 100%

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I have weapon lights again keep eye on fake knock and off's lights are insane some gun parts were good and back then sold some good Benchmade knives.
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Not gun related, but my wife got multiple fake DVD back when that was a thing. One time they made her send it in for their investigation, but in general she got a refund and was told to just keep it. Also got some fake Yeti tumblers... Easy refund...

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Amazon is one of the last places I would buy anything gun related. They keep very good records.
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I order items all the time, all have been 100% good to go, just last week we sold a customer a scope and rings but did not have bases .....with Amazon I had them 2 Days Later.

The China junk is obvious, there are lots of third-party Sellers and it still offers 2-day Prime shipping.

One time we did order scope rings for a black powder rifle, the model name was listed in the description but the part did not fit..... the seller sent me another one immediately and told me to keep the other because it was his mistake for copying and pasting the description from somewhere else on the internet.

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I bought 2 trijicon RMR type 2‘s on Amazon. While there are reports of sellers trying to pass off Chinese copies as real, I had no problems. Got the best price after an extensive search. Also got a couple of $89 Sig Romeo 5’s. Now thy are almost double the price.

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REDinFL wrote:
Sat May 30, 2020 2:07 pm
Amazon is one of the last places I would buy anything gun related. They keep very good records.
This. Places like Amazon and Paypal do keep records of every single transaction you did from the day you joined them.
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