Alright guys I was out of line.

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Alright guys I was out of line.

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I had a hard look at my self these last few weeks. I may have been a little uh...alittle ;) over enthusiast in my beliefs and may have over exerted my ideas without being considerate of others opinions. 8-)

Now I'm am extremely sensitive guy and realize the errors of my ways :mrgreen:

No seriously though. I did go over board here. I've known alot of you here on this forum close to 15 years and should have been more open minded and considerate of your opinions and not so one-sided. Plus a butt head about it

Because in the end nothing we say or think here really matters. I'd been doing really great over that last several years on some meds that were prescribed to me for this so called ptsd they think I have. Because of some anger issues I have and a few other things. Nothing violent though.

But I will work on my issues and if you see I'm getting a little one sided say so. Remind me because I'm not taking those drugs anymore. Because I was nothing but a zombie on them in more ways than one.

Nothing worked properly if you get my drift :lol: plus it was causing me to lose interest in doing anything. Like going shooting which I've not done in two year. Working around the house, fishing. Basically everything, I found myself so zoned out all I did was sit around the house.

I can't live like that. But I also can't act that way either, since I stopped taking those meds. It could be withdrawl symptoms I'm going through, I do not know. I feel strange and out of wack. Maybe I'll start going back to church.

I've been having horrible dreams about things. What I find so strange though is I never had any problems in the past with this issue. It's as if one day something triggered it and it started. My wife just tells me that I'm acting bad and need to relaxxxxx.

Then I do. I do not drink heavily anymore though, haven't in along time. I was at one point drinking over a gallon of whiskey straight a week along with beer. Heck I might have one drink a week now....maybe. That's when I grill. I did find myself wanting too though after coming off of these drugs. I did tell the doctor I stopped taking them.

I do not believe in what they said I have. I most certainly do not believe a pill can cure everything. All it does is sedate you. That's not fixing anything.

But that's enough about that. Those that know me personally know that I'm nothing like I've come across in those posts.

I went back to delete my posts and saw it was locked. I'm really ashamed of how I acted and really wanted to delete those posts and apologize for what I said there. But again it was locked.

We've all said things over the years we should not have. But being able to recognize when you do. Have the decency to acknowledge when we do and say two simple words I'M SORRY.

That's what I'm doing here today. The people I've come to know here and some I've met. Are more important than being right or wrong over incidents none of us have any control over.

I do not know what else to say.

sua sponte and btw is part of the RANGER motto.
One meaning of this is.
describes an act taken without prompting from another.
My apology is of my own accord.

BTW my stupid auto correct keeps changing my sentences and words and after I read what I've posted. I have to edit to change what auto correct screwed up :D
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Post by lakelandman »

Good post it happens.
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I don't think I've met you face to face but will say this, I'm glad you are back and do like your words.
Maybe after this insanity passes we can meet some day and pop some caps.
Keep doin what you are doin and keep comin back
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Post by TC6969 »

If I had a nickle for every time I.......

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Post by TonyR »

Must've found a good "smoothie" maker,LOL :)
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Post by ABOC »

I only came here because I could not find a George Floyd thread

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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Post by n0rlf »

Damn what a fine world if we could all just state things that plainly!

Thanks sir and just take it a day at a time! We all have issues just some show up more than others and always at the worst moments it seems.

Semper Fi

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Post by jimmac »

I think I must examine myself, as I agree with most everything you write.Take care and remember we are all friends here, at least most of us are.

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Post by Lastrites »

Lol, a little hard on yourself? Put the pistol down and have a beer or a coke if that's your thing. ;)

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Post by Casual »

Its ok to feel good about telling someone to go eat a dick without an apology

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