Things to do in New Orleans

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Flame Red wrote:
Fri Jan 17, 2020 8:23 am
You guys are leaving off the list all the great Titty Clubs there! :oops:
Maybe be you need the read again. A couple mentions there.
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When there we went for a cruise on the steamship Natchez.
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I've been there many times. I always go to chef Paul Prudhomme restaurant. It is excellent food. Family style, which means you wait outside until they have enough people to sit down at a table. Yes eating with strangers can be fun. Nothing hoydeetoyde, down to earth enjoyable. I alway ask to see the chef in the kitchen if he is there. ... =QBLH&sp=3
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Thanks for the tips guys. Had a great time w/ the wife. Nice to get away for a long weekend. Fun town if you are really into live music (which we are) but would not be able to enjoy the same venues w/ kiddos in tow. Sad to see the homeless and folks w/ serious drug/alchohol problems walking (and sleeping) about. Terrific architecture and history to soak up.

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Glad that you and the missus got a chance to get away together!
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Sad to see the homeless and folks w/ serious drug/alcohol problems walking (and sleeping) about.
Yeah, there's a ton of homeless out there. Wife came with me to NOLA one time, and asked "where do all of these homeless people sleep at night?"

I said pretty much wherever you see them right now. We stepped out for the evening, and there was a homeless guy passed out across the sidewalk. I said "See?" as I stepped over him.

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All I can say is, stay clear of the Frozen Daiquiri bars.... I saw this bar out in the open with 2 hours of my arrival on the boardwalk (this was pre-Katrina), and I saw ths machine.... And, I thought to myself.... "SLUSHIES!" :D "Oh WOW! They even have Ice tea...." So I got an ice tea!


"Long Island Ice Tea," that is.... :shock: :o

Within 2 hours I was Three sheets to the wind. Thankfully I had made it back to my hotel room. I had to sleep it off and almost missed dinner.

Just use caution!

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If you ever get a chance to go back, check out Tipitina's, great place for live music. Neville's play there sometimes.

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CaptBarty wrote:
Wed Jan 22, 2020 12:24 pm
I don't think so... But quite the concoction of different alcoholic spirits.... I've heard of "Long Island Ice Tea" being referred to as the East Coast equivalent of the west coast... "AMF" (and no, I don't mean the sports equipment company, either)... :mrgreen:

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