Whats Up With Climate Change Anyway?

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The future is cold.

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Watching that video used up 70% of my daily data allowance, but it was quite interesting. I'm mildly surprised at how much of that I was already familiar with. I never saw it assembled into a big picture though. I just knew there were a lot of gaps in the things that were being published in the mainstream media.

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FEH! Ya'll are science deniers, the Asperger spectrum teen from Sweden has all the facts. Listen to Greta 'Time Magazine Person of the Year!

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Iosef wrote:
Thu Dec 12, 2019 7:02 pm
Actually, the next ice age could start at any time. All it takes is several large eruptions, each spaced about a year apart. If they're timed right, the ash would continually reflect enough sunlight that snow fields would be larger and longer lasting, each year and by year six or so, the sequence would be in charge of the global weather. IIRC, the Little Ice Age was pretty much confined to the northern hemisphere and was initiated by just two eruptions. Ice ages have occurred in times of very much higher CO2 than animals can tolerate. The Greenhouse Effect is comparatively insignificant against Volcanism.

Despite the fact that the sun is getting brighter each year, it'll be at least another hundred million years before the planet is warm enough that it's no longer a matter of a handfull of volcanos getting frisky, to have another ice age.
Great write up.

These idiots can't seem to understand the earths climate will change. Like it's done for millions of years. They say we are speeding it up.

Solution is if all of these climate experts were to STFU and stop eating beans there would be less emissions and climate change would slow down :lol:

I'd be more concern about axis tilt.
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Sometimes I can't help but feel sorry for Miss Greta. When it all falls apart and the global warming reverses itself without human intervention, the media will drop her like a hot potato. All her admirers will vanish and the folk who's help she needs, will be too busy helping others.

Everyone will act like she betrayed them, instead of simply being young and gullable.

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Iosef wrote:
Tue Dec 17, 2019 3:53 pm
All her admirers will vanish and the folk who's help she needs, will be too busy Running their next scam.

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An excellent rebuttal to all of this can be found in Global Warming and Other Eco-Myths, published by the Competitive Enterprise Institute, Ronald Bailey, Editor. The book was actually published in 2002, but is still relevant today.

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