Tampa Gun Show.

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TC6969 wrote:
Sun Dec 08, 2019 2:45 pm
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that's why I like the Palmetto show - at least parking is free. Plus its an easy drive for St. Pete

But yes, often times I come away from most shows feeling like I wasted money. But I guess its still fun to walk around and check out everything. I do try to buy some powder or primers so at least I save some hazmat fees.

I think going once a year is probably about right. Anymore and the frustration could build up.

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I went to the Palmetto show twice a few years back and enjoyed myself.

That was pre Shoot Straight though and I'm thinking it would now just be a repeat of the Tampa rip off.

Like Pharmer said, you might as well just go to the closest store and look at the same stuff with no parking or admission.

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N4KVE wrote:
Sat Dec 07, 2019 8:44 pm
Ok, so I called the manager of my area when I work their shows. 4500 paid attendees. Over 800 tables sold. SS sold over 400 guns just today. A good show is anything over 500 for the weekend. No SS specials? How about the Beretta 92 @ $429. FN 5.7 @ $995. S&W AR Magpul version @ $499. Kel Tec PMR 30 @ $369. And my favorite, the FNX tactical 45 @ $850. Not long ago I was selling them for $950-$1000. LE trade in Glock 40 @ $279, & LE trade in M&P 40 @ $249. So if this was a poor show, please show me a better show in Florida. GARY.
Lakeland pistol and rifle club show is way better!
However good deals are hard to find at ANY show IMO. Usually someone walking around may have something reasonably priced that they just want gone...
As for the show itself, you can find darn near any type of gun your looking for.
Coming around again in Jan.
Free parking now at Sun n Fun

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Going to the Manatee Center gun show has another benefit, I am closer to Yoder's so I pick up a pie!

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Like manatee gun shows. Free parking..

I did go to the gun show I believe it was in Naples or Ft Myers once. The show was right off 75 or real close to it.

Then drove right over to lakeland show. From that show With my BIL before he died of brain cancer.

It had wayy more things it seemed than Tampa or manatee. I guess because dealers/sellers came from further south and south east.

But the only time I go to shows is if I need a part right away and there's a show. Otherwise I buy from forums or online dealers.

Because sales tax sucks
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Firemedic2000 wrote:
Thu Dec 12, 2019 12:16 pm
Because sales tax sucks
Most gun show vendors agree with you and a lot do unrecorded cash sales without collecting tax.

A lot of them however have figured out that they can pocket an extra 7% by faking it.

If you pass cash over a table and get an item with no receipt and get charged tax, ask them how they're reporting it.

Some of the responses are hilarious!

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TC6969 wrote:
Sun Dec 08, 2019 2:59 pm
I forgot to mention that SS had basic blued steel birch stock 10/22s for a "Clearance" price of "Only" $320.00 :lol:
Jumpin' Jesus, only $320? That'd be a bargain at twice that price! :lol:

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