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How many people have ordered something or somebody sent you gift from Amazon.

They then wil send you two of the items a few days apart. With same tracking number.

You only paid for one but they sent two.

My neighbor buys from amazon often and it happens to him often he said.

He told me He'll call Amazon and they say just keep it. Because of I guess the head ache of shipping it back.
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I've had things like that happen. Most often, it happens when there's "fulfillment failures..." (i.e. one of their drivers screws up and delivers my pkg to the wrong house or something like that). I'll call to report the failure, and (depending on the cost of the item), they may send a new one immediately. Eventually, the old one may show up anyway. Not worth their trouble to process the "return" if it's a "less costly" item.

I don't recall having a true "duplicate" shipment happen.

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We order from Amazon multiple times a week. Sometimes multiple times per day. Never have I received a duplicate order.

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Sh1t, the wife has the Amazon crap delivery multiple times a day!

A couple of times a duplicate ordered was delivered, or included two instead of one. Few times an item was missing. But it was from a third party seller, not Amazon directly.
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I use Amazon a lot and I've never had a duplicate order. Sometimes they've let me keep a refunded order though.
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My girlfriend recently ordered an 8-pc set of dishes for Thanksgiving dinner. The bottom dish had a small chip in it from being set down too hard. They let her keep the entire order and sent her a complete new set. :D :D

A while back my sister ordered a folding wooden library chair/stepladder for my Mom, was delivered to my office. Arrived with a small chip out of the bottom of one of the legs. Again, we were told to keep the original and they sent a new replacement item. :D

Someone who I have never heard of had a couple packages of "art glass" delivered to my house from China. I returned the first one via UPS, but after two more arrived one of them somehow was found to be opened. It was the kind of "art glass" used for combusting inhalable organic matter. :ugeek: I searched the name on Facebook and found a dumb 20-something chick a few blocks from me who used to rent the house that I live in - messaged her, and she claimed that she "forgot" to change her mailing address when she ordered her bongs. :roll: Or, maybe she didn't want her Mom/boyfriend/roommate knowing that she occasionally burns flowers and breathes, and she thought that she could recover them from my house somehow. I told her she would need to contact the company she ordered them from, as I had sent them back to China. :(

But, no-one that I know has ever commented on receiving duplicate Amazon orders on a repeated basis.
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I've ordered a thousand things over the years and never had a double mistakenly sent order.

However, Amazon has always had weird glitches with their system that they pretend don't exist. So I believe it, and have had others tell stories of the same kind of freebees.

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Haven't had it happen, and I have ordered a crap load of stuff from Amazon.

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flcracker wrote:
Mon Dec 02, 2019 11:25 am
I told her she would need to contact the company she ordered them from, as I had sent them back to China.
Isn’t it a fortune to send stuff to China? I don’t deal with Amazon, but my wife likes to get cheap jewelry from China. Either they send the item 3 times, but charge her once, or they send the wrong size, & they credit her account, & say keep it because the return postage is a fortune. Remember, the Chinese gov’t subsidizes postage to the USA, but we pay full pop to send something there.

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