Police Arresting People For Their Full-Auto GLOCK Switch Purchases From China

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Dr. Dickie wrote:
Thu Nov 07, 2019 11:49 am
Skoll wrote:
Thu Nov 07, 2019 9:25 am
I thought possession of FA parts was completely legal, you just cannot actually use them. They have to prove intent.

That's some Minority Report bs.
IF it requires modification of the gun to use them (like drilling the third hole in an AR), then yes. Having the part is okay (as drilling the hole would be proof of intent). But, something like this or a DIAS, or the M2 sear for the carbine, then simple possession of the auto sear and a gun which will accept it, is possession of a MG.
Or, that is how it has been explained to me (not a lawyer).
The Glock "switches" are machineguns by themselves......It doesn't matter if you possess a host firearm or not.....same for DIAS's, Lightning links, HK sears, etc

"Intent" doesn't come into play with NFA firearm components.....there is only "Constructive Possession".....meaning that if a combination of parts can only be used to construct an (unregistered) NFA weapon, you're in trouble...

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It used to be you could own every part of a machine gun, as long as you didn't assemble it. Not any more.

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the latest thing is with these Form 1 can ( solvent trap deals ) people are buying the can on ebay and stuff long before filing for the Form 1 and its so easy to prove

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Damn....they haven't busted....errr, visited the solvent dude hawking specific washers, nuts, etc????
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The post office has logged visual images of all mail going through the system for a long time now. They don't say how long they keep them. So, they can easily trace whoever got packages from a certain return address in China...

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