Saw the craziest ship tonight

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Saw the craziest ship tonight

Post by rentprop1 »

Disclaimer: before anyone thinks my language in this post could be construed as racist or bigotry I want to merely state that I'm using adjectives to describe the players for you to get the full understanding of this story.

Tonight I drove up to Ocala to meet Heckler 65 for a FTF, to buy a rifle and some ammo, after a brief chat I decided to stop and grab some dinner on the way home. I decided on Zaxby's for those of you who don't know it's a chain chicken joint and it's gooood !.....

so I'm sitting there and enjoying my five-piece fingers, I noticed a blue collar guy dining alone I would guess he did concrete work or something given how his work boots and jeans looked.... he's almost finished and he looks like he's using his phone to check emails...

across the restaurants it's a young family, mom dad and probably an 8 or 10 year old boy he's being an ornery little shit running around the restaurant not finishing his food and playing with his dad's phone....

the dad straight up Redneck, I got the impression he was probably a garbage man with his dirty jeans and his bright green reflective t-shirt that he was wearing that looks like it hadn't been washed in a century, and the mom was definitely heavyset Puerto Rican, you know the kind ..tank top with sauce stains, all stretched out so you can see her bra, way too tight stretchy workout pants, and you can seethru to the cottage cheese in her ass , with Dollar Store flip flops.

So the blue collar concrete guy gets up to get a refill on his drink about the same time the little ornery shitkid was running back and forth, annoyingly making about 15 trip throwing stuff in the garbage can.... now just a few minutes earlier I could overhear an argument how he wouldn't finish dinner and the dad took the phone away from the little kid, so he threw a fit ....
It sounded like he got a smack to straighten him up because the commotion stopped.

So I watch Blue Collar concrete guy get up to get a refill and I see the little ornery shitkid swipe the guy's phone that he left on the table. :shock: .... 2 seconds later Blue Collar concrete Guy starts screaming who took my phone, who took my phone !

Out of the corner of my eye I see little ornery shit kid standing by the garbage can feverishly swiping the screen on the guy's phone, so as the guy is yelling, he must have realized and dumped it in the trash can to hide the evidence..... at first I was thinking oh probably an honest mistake as 99% of the phones that are out there all look alike and he thought maybe he had his dad's phone bt why toss it?

So blue collar concrete guy looks across the restaurant in instantly confronts the family and him and the dad start to have words... now I'm sitting there enjoying my 5 piece fingers and just watching the excitement and everybody starting to get loud.... about 30 seconds go by and I rat the kid out , and say " hey I think he had it over by the garbage can" ... concrete guy runs for the garbage can right as the kid runs to his mama .... the kid brushes off of his leg hip area and kind of stumbles over to his mama, who snatches him by the arm, is basically trying to hold him up in the air by one arm..... Blue Collar concrete guy runs to the garbage can and retrieves his phone feverishly wiping it off on his shirt.... he goes back over to the dad and they start arguing and shoving and pushing each other. :shock:

At the same time the Puerto Rican Mom starts wailing on the kids lower back and back side... I watch and think, well maybe he deserves it.... then some big 300-pound black mama from behind the counter screams out " don't hit that child "..... I think to myself , oh shit here we go.

Now almost everybody working behind the counter is black so big black mama and the black manager hurry around the counter to intervene and step in between the two gentlemen who are still Toe to Toe... I swear somebody behind the counter yelled " fuck that little nigger up", but who am I to judge who said what ?

At this point I have finished eating and I was like "eff this" , I got my gun on me, guns and a bunch of ammo in the car, just get up and walk out ... so I leave about two seconds later they leave, hot on my tail, like I can't walk out fast enough....and of course they're parked all in the same side of the parking lot. :roll:

I happened to notice the family getting into a early 90s Crown Vic wannabe cop car that was once blue and now about 3 different colors from the various shades of spray paint that they have touched up the rust spots.... so we proceed South on 200 south of Ocala...

We all get to a red light and they are two cars back on the right hand side, now its still 90 deg outside but they got all the windows down ( prob no a/c ) I can almost hear honking and screamingback and forth, car to car... so now it's loking like a potental road rage incident.

I watch in my rearview mirror the guy slam into the back of the other guys vehicle as soon as the light changes green .... the one guy comes up around me and then all the sudden, both cars pulled over to the right side of the road.... I kept going at this point because at this stage I felt even dumber for having to endure the probably nightly activities of this type of trash, I've always been one to believe people are people some people may not have as much as others, but we're all decent human beings.... well not in this case, everyone could have died and I could have given two shits less.

Sped home to try and catch the 11 News unfortunately Ocala doesn't have a new station so I have to check the newspaper tomorrow and to see if anybody died.

There's no moral to this story except to always carry your gun on you... I probably carry about 30% of the time while I know some of you are armed at home at night until you disrobe to shower ...this could have turned bad in a heartbeat from any angle.... and even when I thought it was over it was following me in the same direction and I was still right in the middle of it.

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Post by Keith »

Whatever you say Paula Deen.


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Post by SteyrAUG »

Hell that's not even a 4 on the 10 scale of "Florida Crazy."

That's like "tuesday" in South Florida in just about any place that serves food.

Btw, that's post #88 for Rent, ironically enough.

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Tuesday? That sheet goes on EVERY day down in da hood! Good thing you were carrying in case things went south real quick!

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Post by Wolfdog »

rentprop1 wrote: 1533783441 user_id=90]
while I know some of you are armed at home at night until you disrobe to shower
What you talking about? That's why they make stainless steel guns.

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Post by 45caldan »

But what does this have to do with a ship??

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This is the exact reason I always use the drive-through...

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45caldan wrote:
Thu Aug 09, 2018 6:07 am
But what does this have to do with a ship??
I think it was his polite way of saying $hit. GARY.

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Damn, that's one hell of a story!

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You neglected to inform us on what type of frosty beverage you were enjoying. I like their sweet tea.
People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf. - George Orwell

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