Why don't we have Red Flag laws for other rights, too?

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Hey, I happen to like fat girls in short-shorts.

I wouldn't throw her out of bed for eating crackers! :P :P :P
In also and THAT is NOT "fat"...just pleasantly plump! :)

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Got a lotta fat chick thrillers on this forum.
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ab4ka wrote:
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I wouldn't throw her out of bed for eating crackers! :P :P :P
No, but she would probably throw you out and take all of the crackers for herself. :lol:

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Can we get back to the original post? It is much more interesting a subject.

There are already red flag laws- everywhere.

At any point, if you are deemed a danger to yourself or others, you do not pass go, you do not collect $200, you get 'Baker Act'ed' and tossed into an involuntary 72-hour psych facility where you're mental state is supposed to be evaluated by a professional who gets to determine if the hold is required to continue. We can later work on the merits of who gets to define someone as mentally ill, this is current state.

I do not understand why all the hoopla about inventing a new process to do this half way. If the person is a danger, then we should be doing the established process, and if they're not why are we bothering them? Taking guns away from a dangerous person does not make them less dangerous, unless they are severely physically or severely mentally limited. The new process does not take cars away, or knives, or ropes, or hammers, or chainsaws, or bleach, or gasoline, or rat poison, or spray paint, or anything else they can use to hurt themselves or others.
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That's a good point. As with many others, we have layers of laws ignoring prior ones of similar effect which are not enforced. It's grandstanding by politicians, showing they are "doing something."
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I know they have a video where a cop pulled a guy over and took all of his money he was buying cars at an auction and even showed the officers the cars online. Still got it taken and never gave it back to the guy so I'm sure they're a lot that going around.
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